Saturday, August 29, 2015

On My Table And In My Cup August 22nd -29th

Good morning from the Wet West Coast of British Columbia! It has been months since I was able to type those words! The rains have returned with vengeance and I have missed them so! We have had so little rain in the last few months that I welcome the soggy weather that is currently flooding my cracked and dry land. It is perfect for baking and that has just been what I am doing. I promise this recipe for my Pumpkin and Spice Coffee Cake will publish tomorrow here on my blog that photo is a teaser!

This has been a very productive reading week for me and I think a record. I have read three books this week and I am still amazed at that ! My long awaited copy of Murder in The Paperback Parlor by Ellery Adams arrived with my other pre order a new cozy series from Kathleen Bridge.
I really enjoyed both of these cozies and was thrilled to have them arrive from The Book Depository. One of my readers asked me this week how I get my books for free. The truth is I purchase most of my books. I do this through The Book Depository and I pre order my favorite authors books usually months in advance. When I pre order a series I have not heard of before it is often because I  saw the cover art on Facebook and I trust a few cozy mystery groups and rely on their suggestions as well. 
I do however from time to time receive Advanced reading copies or electronic copies of up coming books from Authors and I am amazed and truly grateful when this happens. How it happens I am still trying to figure that out! I have been blessed with feedback and communication with authors who's work I have appreciated over the years and sometimes they take a chance on me and allow me a early look at their work. For this I will be truly grateful and remain in awe of everyday.
Another wonderful way I have found a few authors is through my kindle app.  Often Free Cozy Mysteries come up and I down load them to my app, sometimes they go on sale and I purchase them for less then a trip to Starbucks and I have been pleasantly surprised at how great they truly are. I have read Tonya Kappes work before and I just finished a Charming Crime and this week it was free on Amazon Kindle! So you never know!
I also had one tea party this week ( I have a fun one planed for today too!) and I got to try out new recipes this week. I made Potato and Corn Soup in the crock pot, which was delicious and one I will make again. 
If you missed my post earlier this week I was cleaning out the garage and found two letters from World War Two written by my grandfather and found my great grandparents marriage certificate from 1920! Not sure how they ended up in my garage but very cool to have found them. 

This week my cousin and aunt had major surgery and I am very happy to report that things have been going very well for them, we hope that they will be out of the hospital soon and on the road to recovery. Thank you to all of you who reached out to me on Facebook and to those of you who kept them close in your heart this week. 
Well I have a rather large and exciting tea party I must get ready for now. Tomorrow check back for my Pumpkin and Spice Coffee Cake Recipe!
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery this week!
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