Friday, August 7, 2015

Traveling Teacup In Boulder Day 2...

As I am traveling I am reminded of just how glad I am to have brought my own tea kettle, teacup and saucer and a selection of my favorite teas. Being this far from home and sharing a room with 4 of my favorite people sometimes requires the simple familiar comfort of home and a bit of liquid sanity.

I am so looking forward to visiting Celestial Seasonings Tea Company while I am here in Boulder hopefully tomorrow, I am enjoying the little comforts of home in my room and in the breakfast area downstairs. I am reading Joyce an Jim Laveen's Give em' Pumpkin To talk about and sipping my favorite tea, wrapped in a lovely throw blanket this hotel offers its guests.

When I am down stairs some people stare, some people inquire and some people just sit and wonder why bother?...I can say simply because it is important to me and if  something is important you make a point of making sure it happens. Taking tea, reading books and finding comfort is important to me, Doing so in as enjoyable a way as possible makes the tea tastes its very best.
So my tea tip for you is if you are traveling bring some of the comforts from home. They may break get lost or they may survive and you will thrive. But do make a point of trying the local tea shops, blends and brands that are offered locally! Oh and when driving across 5 states in one day, stopping to order tea, get the bag on the side and use your own familiar blend rather then the stale half opened tea bag from Mcdonalds.....
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery today. I look forward to sharing more of my fun finds and reviews with you again tomorrow.
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  1. Fun! I've never really thought of bringing along a bit of home on a trip by packing my own pot and cup, but I always pack my own tea and coffee blend. Usually I buy a mug or cup as a souvenir, something to remember my trip.