Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bread and Water Make Toast And Tea ~ A Great Bread Recipe To Enjoy!

On Facebook yesterday morning I found a recipe for Easy Homemade Bread. I knew I wanted to try it and I shared the recipe on my time line and before I finished my tea morning tea, my friend Sheryl, a fellow cozy mystery blogger took my post of the recipe as a challenge and we both made the bread!

 I made mine in Vancouver and she made hers in Tennessee, we both agree this is an amazing recipe! Our weather here in Vancouver was 70 degrees with a slight breeze and made baking bread for such a short period of time totally tolerable!

This was the easiest and best recipe I have ever tried to bake and I went to cooking school. This was beyond easy, it was not time consuming and it was fun. The recipe comes from Make and Takes and is one you are going to want to click here, bookmark and save!
Start to finish this 4 ingredient bread amazed me. The flavor was wonderful and reminded me of high end restaurant bread and farmers market high quality. I had it with both butter and with olive oil and vinegar and will make this bread regularly! Best part I only used half the dough so tomorrow the boys and I will make pizza for lunch!

Check out my friend Sheryl's Blog by clicking here. 

Get the make and takes bread recipe by clicking here.

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  1. I did not go to cooking school and I found it super simple also. I made it with my four and two year old and we had a blast getting the kitchen messy with flour. I am having some for lunch today! Mmm, great find Karen. <3

  2. Toast and tea has been a comfort food duo to me for more years than I care to remember.
    I am going to try this bread in the future because it will be a perfect accompaniment to a homemade bowl of soup in winter.