Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Today I find Myself In South Dakota Come And Virtually Join Me!

Today I find myself in Mount Rushmore South Dakota and while I do not expect to find this vintage gem in the gift shop I thought as it was related to my trip I would share this google image. I believe you may find some on Ebay and such but it would be really cool if I could find one while I am here.

On this trip I do not have enough time to head to Tea South Dakota but I am telling you this place looks amazing and yes I am drawn to it because of it's name and when I did some reading on this place I have to tell you I have fallen in love. With a population of just over 4,000 this is a smaller town with some fantastic photos and every June they host Teapot Days with a carnival, parade, show and shine car shows and my favorite the crowning of Ma and Pa Tea Pot...seriously if I had more time I think I would spend a few days there and would be hard pressed to leave.....In fact I do believe one of my cozy novels (yet to be written) will be based on this lovely little town.
Check out Tea South Dakota's website by clicking here and virtually move there with me! 
I will be on a 8 hour bus tour today and longing for that cup of tea and my cozy mystery when I return. Thank you for joining me and I hope to share more of my fun finds from the road tomorrow.
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  1. How unique! Next on your bucket list should be Hot Coffee, Mississippi! kat8762@aol.com