Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tea At Mount Rushmore

I have to tell you two things; South Dakota is beautiful and even though I was sure I would not find tea here, I totally did!
 I found 5 varieties of tea!
I bought the mixed flavor tin with all the presidents on it! Can not wait to try it. Now I know it was not grown near or blended anywhere near Mount Rushmore but I had to have it! The company that puts them together is a good one and I have had their tea before.
While there was no full sized cup and saucer there were some lovely tiny ones that would be perfect for 18 inch American Girl Dolls but too small for me. They had a large assortment of teaspoons as well. I did not purchase these either but wanted to share!
I had an amazing time at Mount Rushmore and if you are going to head that way anytime soon I can tell you it is truly impressive and bring really comfortable walking shoes and head there early! By 10 am it was supper busy and already very hot. I could not believe how the rocks sparkle up there it was a sight to see!
While we were in the Gift Shop we were pleased to meet and then purchase the book written my Nick Clifford, who is in his 90's and is the last surviving person who worked on the monument originally! To be in the presence of such a person of historical significance was truly amazing and an honor. He kindly autographed the book, three baseball cards and agreed to let us take a photo with him!
I picked up a few fun items in the gift shop and some fantastic postcards to keep and share.
   Back at the hotel and in my room I made a cup of lovely tea and looked at what we brought back. At the end of this very long day I can tell you I am so very happy we were able to make such a journey and that I can share a bit of that journey with you. Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery.
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  1. What a wonderful time, love the Mt. Rushmore tea tin. Such a great experience, especially for the boys, to meet Nick Clifford, what a history lesson!!!! You are such a good mommy!!!!! Lovely cup and saucers, like you said, would be perfect for the American Girl Dolls.
    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  2. Thanks so much for a great "tour" and great pictures.

  3. Wonderful pictures! I never thought about South Dakota as a vacation destination. You're proving me wrong. Thanks.