Wednesday, December 23, 2015

24 Authors One Very Cool Idea, Chasing The Codex

I saw a quick video on Facebook about Copy Cat Press' Chasing The Codex and was very intrigued by the idea that 24 Mystery writers each get one chapter to tell their part of one story. This is the 100'th publication from Cozy Cat Press and an idea I think is irresistible.

In the story, Bryndis Palmer, owner of The Neglected Word bookstore, invites her fourteen-year-old niece Frida to visit her so that the precocious, Jane Austen-loving young girl can accompany Bryn to the “Midwest Booklovers’ Convention” being held in nearby Saint Louis. Never mind that Bryn has just broken up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Holt Furst, or that said boyfriend has suddenly disappeared from his apartment above her shop––possibly in a violent kidnapping. Bryndis dutifully heads to the airport to pick up Frida, only to discover that Frida has also disappeared––reportedly swooped up by a chauffeur and whisked away in a limousine. Who would kidnap her niece? Where could they have taken her? Where could Holt be? Bryn is an amateur sleuth from her childhood days of reading Nancy Drew mysteries, and she barges ahead with her own investigation, certain that the local police and the airport authorities will bungle the job, and fearing the wrath of her sister Lia if anything happens to Frida. Of course, Bryn doesn’t know that the disappearances of Holt and Frida are actually connected, and as she begins her search, a mystifying tale starts to unravel––introducing her to a host of strange characters, all more unusual than those in the murder mysteries she’s accustomed to reading. Along the way, she discovers that she herself is somehow at the center of it all, and swirling around her are other strange curiosities––a missing Bible, a famous frontier hero, and a hidden secret code. Will she find Frida? And Holt? How does it all connect? And how is Bryn involved? Readers will find all the answers in Chasing the Codex.

I am so thrilled to have read that Cozy Cat Press is doing something wonderful with the proceeds from this book."As an extra special offering, Cozy Cat Press will donate half of all pre-Christmas profits from the group-mystery to “Pets For The Elderly,” a national charitable organization which pays for the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs given to elderly citizens as pets. As publisher Rockwell says, “Our mascot is Cozette, a little cat that sits atop a pile of books, and many of our readers are senior citizens, so we believe strongly in the work of ‘Pets For the Elderly’ and are so happy we can contribute to their work in this small way.”

 I love that by me purchasing this book I am helping to spread joy and comfort to others, the love of a pet and companionship is truly important and such a gift! 

 As a pet lover I think this is such a wonderful idea and such a needed service.I am thrilled that Cozy Cat Press would take this opportunity to help such a worthy cause. To order your own copy of Chasing the Codex before Christmas to help bring comfort and joy to others with your purchase please click here. 
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea, a really great cause and cozy mystery. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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