Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Spun The Rack Yesterday And Her Is What I brought home...

New on my table after a trip to the Library yesterday I have 5 new to me cozies. It is a crazy busy time and while I have not yet finished reading the one on my kindle app, I have missed the feel of a good book and not needing to plug the book in is a refreshing change. I am struggling with the lack of paper backs so to remedy this a quick turn of the stand at the library yesterday and a few titles to try. I may get back to the kindle book but for now I am going to try to start a new one. thinking of trying out Kate Kingsbury's Mistletoe and Mayhem first. I love that my library has always something wonderful for me to read.

In the rush rush of the season and the day I am thrilled to have something in my bag to escape it all. I hope you get a moment to yourself today! I do believe I need to order more cards and notebooks from Rosehill Designs this woman always has the most amazing artwork and most timely pieces. Click here for her Facebook page and here for her etsy shop.
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery.

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