Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Join The Save Our Cozy Movement

Today I wanted to let you know about a Movement in the Cozy Community to try to help save several of our favorite cozy series and their authors from being cut from the publishing house Every single Berkley and NAL author is in jeopardy,of having their series canceled or cut short.  PRH ( is the publishers of so many of our favorite series. I understand that they feel they will sell more copies of fewer books by culling their authors and series. 

There are ways you can help if you feel so moved. You could write to them and express how much these series and authors mean to you.  It is my hope that your emails help revive PRH's interest in keeping more cozies.

 You could also speak with your local libraries about ordering more cozy mysteries for your own community. Pre-ordering books also makes a huge difference. Connecting with your favorite authors through social media and their own websites will help you to know if they have books that are coming out. I am hoping that squeezing an extra cozy or two into your monthly budget helps us all not to loose the wonderful work of so many authors. 
Review and share your reviews of the books you have read, Amazon, Good Reads, The Book Depository trust me it makes a difference!
There are groups you can join to discuss cozies and one near to my heart is called Save Our Cozies click here to learn more about this group.
To recap, how you can help save a cozy series, 
1 Order
 2 Review
3 Email Penguin Random House by clicking here asking them to reconsider culling their cozy section
Thank you.
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  1. Thanks for supporting cozies ALL THE TIME! Hugs, Leann

    1. Thank you Leann, so wonderful to have you here.

  2. Thanks for the great post. I do all those things, but am trying to encourage friends and family to do the same. I do buy books used, but try to buy new as much as I can afford as well. I always hope the author doesn't mind too much, because I still leave a review no matter where it is purchased. Hopefully, more movement and purchasing will convince Penguin to reconsider. Or at least convince other publishing houses to buy more instead of less cozies. =)

  3. Karen, thank you for your wonderful support of cozy mystery authors -- and of course, your fabulous photos!

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. I am a blogger and fellow cozy lover, and hate to hear of the end of so many wonderful series. Doing what I can to try to make a difference~hopefully with all of us, we can change what is happening!