Saturday, March 26, 2016

On My Table And In My Cup March 19th-26th

Boy oh boy where has the month gone? What a wild week this has been. Sadly Spring Break for us is ending Tuesday and I shall miss the reprieve. I am counting the days until summer break for sure. I think I am the most excited person when school is done for the year.

This week had it's ups and it's downs. While I have been trying to promote the cozy community in whole and recommending that each person who reads also reviews I thought it might be fun to take a photo with a few of my favorite books piled on my table. My photos had the effect I was looking for and made me so happy. As I was editing the photos for my blog my curious kitten Mia manged to some how knock over a pile on to my candle which I did not sadly notice in time.

  Heart broken but thrilled that I was only 2 feet away, there was one casualty that I am truly heart sick about and it seems to be out of print. It was one of my first cozy mysteries I ever read, I am now looking to replace it.   If you have not read Ellen Byerrum's Crime of Fashion Mysteries they were one of my first series and one of my favorites. This was my favorite of the entire series as I said before so I am a tad sad.
New on my table this week some of April's most amazing series. Duffy Brown's Braking For Bodies (which the review will be up Sunday) was such a wild ride, Ellery Adams Breach of Crust, Connie Archer's A Clue in the Sew, Susan Furlong's Rest In Peach, Amanda Flower's Crime and Poetry and I am currently reading Dawn Eastman's An Unhappy Medium. These books are out April 5th.
Out in June, I finished Sheila Connolly's book as well this week and I think you will enjoy book 7 in this series.
I shall leave you here and thank you for joining me for a week in review, It is a good thing our kitten culprit is cute!  Lifting my Caramel Black Tea cups and toasting you all.
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery week in review.

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