Saturday, March 5, 2016

On My Table And In My Cup February 27- March 5th

This week I have had lovely things to read, eat and drink on my table and I do feel so very lucky! My Tea Time Magazine has just arrived and I always get the "Kid at Christmas" feeling when it arrives at my door. I also got A Familiar Tail a book recommended to me by Lisa of Lisa K's book reviews. I can not wait to dive into it!
I am currently reading And Then There Were Nuns by Kylie Logan .

I have read and reviewed Off The Books by Lucy Arlington, Always a great story in this series.
I also read and reviewed Those Who Walk In Darkness by Joyce and Jim Lavene. 
As well as The Grim Steeper, such a treat to have not only read and enjoyed this story but to have the book dedicated to me was truly wonderful.

  I have had lovely selection of black teas on my table this week but Monday when I had my new photos taken I actually had a Oolong  Davids Tea called Long Life Oolong in my cup and tea pot. The teapot never made the photo shoot but it did hold this refreshing tea, it is a fresh tea with peaches that tastes lovely hot or cold. 
You can learn more about this Davids Tea by clicking here.
Thank you for joining me this week for a cup of tea and a week in review! I look forward to sharing more reviews with you again soon. 

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