Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fantastic First! A Familiar Tail By Delia James, So Glad I Already Ordered Book Two!

I really do love the feel of a paperback in my hands. The ease and the comfort of knowing I am not held hostage by the battery and that I can read in the bath are just some of the reasons I hope that paperbacks never truly go away. I saw a meme that said every time you turn a page in a book a tree smiles knowing that it lives on. I felt that way when I read this wonderful story by Delia James. A Familiar Tail is a first in series that already has a place in my heart. It is a paranormal cozy about a coven of witches and a "witch" who comes to learn later in life that she is from a long line of witches. As well there is a really cool cat! Totally right up my alley! I ordered it from The Book Depository when my friend Lisa of Lisa K's Book Reviews shared it on Facebook, I also ordered book two which is coming out in September and is called By Familiar Means.

I loved the of the book cover right away and the idea behind the story. I was not disappointed by this mystery or cozy town at all, I welcome it with open arms. Reading it made me so happy and reminded me of the feelings I had so been longing for for years, to be surrounded by a good group of well meaning and like minded woman, comfortable in your own home and have that sense of belonging. Even though I am about to turn 41 in a few months I really feel like in the last 5 years I am finding that place, that I could only once feel existed in story books. 
Heck some say I even have my own familiar. I have also amassed the most amazing circle of on line friends through my writing and cozy reading. I truly feel grateful! They even all played along with my hope to be yearly witches tea party event this year!

Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a really great witchy cozy! 
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