Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fatality By Firelight by Lynn Cahoon

I finished Fatality by Firelight, the second in the Cat Latimer Mystery series by Lynn Cahoon. Oh boy is it great! So intriguing. I have often thought about how cool it would be to go on an actual writing retreat, I mean what could possibly go wrong? Lynn captures the magic and anticipation of the ideal writing retreat with her large Victorian Colorado Retreat. This book was not only easy to picture and feel like you were a part of but it had so many moments where I thought to myself, "Oh wow, that did not just happen" or the "No way!" thoughts I had in my head as I was reading. Was I emotionally invested in this book? Yes I was. I swear this book breathes it felt so real and all the mentions of the hot soups, cookies and food being prepared was an added bonus. Lynn has won me over with this series and I hope she will win you over too! This one is out February 28th and is one worth pre ordering for sure!
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