Sunday, January 1, 2017

Wishing You A Happy New Year From My Table To Yours...

Happy New Year from my table to yours . Just a few hours ago I gave back keys to our old place, which we lived in for almost 8 years. It was hard. The last few weeks have been very difficult but have been full of support from my incredible family, friends and neighbors. Leaving the community I moved to in the late 1970's for the second time (we moved back in 2008) was very difficult. Putting down roots in a new place feels so strange even though it is a short distance away.
As I type this I am battered and bruised from the assault of the last few weeks, (literally and figuratively) but I am not completely broken and I have an odd sense of calm and peace in my new place. Proving it is not how many times you fall but how many times you get up, it is 2017 and I am standing. Many people have also found 2016 a difficult year and I am thankful for the opportunity to start again new for 2017.
Reflecting back on the positives of 2016 and the amazing books I have had the pleasure of reading 118 cozy mysteries this past year, all the lovely teas I have enjoyed in my cup and the opportunities I have been afforded I am very blessed. The last 6 weeks have been tough, but not a true reflection of my year.
Earlier this summer I had the chance to visit light houses in Oregon State, I took this photo and came across this quote, that I loved so much, it just seems to be the best motto for my life's journey,  "If you can not change the course of the storm, be the lighthouse". Being fond of light houses since I was a little girl, this speaks to me. I hope it speaks to you.

With love and best wishes for 2017 to you and yours, I say Happy New Year!
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