Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ellie Alexanders Another One Bites The Crust...

The new year is going to be off to an amazing start for cozy lovers with Another One Bites The Crust by Ellie Alexander! I finished reading this last night and I was on egg shells the entire book. I was so worried the whole time that something terrible was going to happen to one of my most favorite characters in the series and I found myself holding my breath through much of the book. Ellie does a great job with character building and makes you care so much about fictional characters that you come to think of them as real. While the place is real it is so hard to not think that I could just get in my car and drive 10 hours and be sitting in Torte while visiting Ashland. Having driven through and reading about it throughout this series I can tell you first hand that the setting feels as realistic as it looks, with a few exceptions that is. I loved this one. It was suspenseful, it was nail biting and it was fun. I loved it and I think you will too. This one is out January 2, 2018 and you can pre order it now.

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