Monday, December 11, 2017

The Season of Miracles For One Reluctant Reader...

Today I am sharing a personal victory story during this season of miracles, you see miracles do happen on the most ordinary of days and while many have witnessed miracles of different magnitudes, what may seem small to some is huge to others.  I can pinpoint the moment in time my youngest son, previously known as The Reluctant Reader, found a love of reading.

It was a week ago Saturday at 7:20 am, when my son said, "Mom, can I bring my book in the car to hockey." Few things have left me speechless and in this moment I found myself catching my breath.  I agreed yes he could bring his book.

That moment was a catalyst to a week of adventure and delight, mayhem and discovery I had not imagined in my wildest dreams.
I thought this was a one off moment but it actually was the launching ground for a turnaround I never thought possible. You see my son, all my boys come by their reading reluctancy quite honestly. maybe you are new to my blog or maybe you noticed all the mistakes I make. I have spent the better part of 20 years now trying to correct my profound dyslexia and overcome my inability to read and write.  So when all my boys struggled with reading I was not shocked but sad, hopeful that they would one day figure it out, with my youngest, I did not think it could be so soon.

Fast forward to last Monday at pick up from school, imagine my surprise when the Principal, and the teacher in charge of Special Needs (my kids have Autism) both separately met me  in the hall to tell me that my son had a really off day. Which is really not like him and when I got him in the car and asked him why his day was so off  and finally he admitted he was "so cranky because, (he) just could not sleep and had to know how my book ended so I stayed up all night with my flashlight reading and the flashlight batteries died on the last page..." Hard to keep a straight face I had to let him know that he could not have his book in bed and that he would have to go to bed early and apologize to his teachers the next day.  I was secretly proud and horrified.  Over the week he read all three of his books and outloud to two different visitors to our house, then Saturday morning true to his word he had book in hand while we made our way to hockey.
Saturday morning, my son, the goalie, the reformed reluctant reader sustained his first ever hockey injury. A PAPER CUT.
Few things can prepare you in life for the moment you have to rip a book out of a child's hand only to protect them from getting hurt on the ice. It is. I will tell you nearly impossible to put a chest protector on a child who has both hands on a book.
He was a good sport though, pink bandage on his finger and book in hand, it may have actually been the fastest I ever got him into his goalie gear...
While I finished helping his brother get dressed, he went to read by the side of the rink. When I got to him, the adult team that plays before us was standing their, two goalies, commenting and wishing him a good game and they tried but could not get him to look up from the book. Laughing they left saying yes books are better than hockey...

This may not seem like a miracle to you, but for this once reluctant reader herself, it is just that and a dream come true.
 Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a holiday story. I look forward to sharing more with you again tomorrow.
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  1. It makes perfect sense. It's a huge victory, like learning to tie a shoe or do up a button when you are a special needs kid. I'm so happy for both of you. Kudos for overcoming your struggle too, and becoming a top ten blogger. It makes the victory sweeter.