Friday, March 6, 2020

Friday, The End To A Work Week Full of Plot Twists.

Friday morning tea in one of my favorite cups and saucers.  A great start to a rather long day. It is now after 8:30 Pm and I have just gotten home, more than 12 hours after I first set off.
I was hoping to have a great story to share from the tea shop or a great find but honestly today I did not have time to shop, and the dust on the stores shelves, did not tell me anything new. It was pretty much just a hurry up and wait kind of a day, which I welcome in a week that was one plot twist after another.

I saw this quote on the anniversary of my dads one year passing, March 3rd and it made me smile. So I did a screen shot and as I was going through my photos for the craft I wanted to share, I thought it so fits the theme of this post.  The truth is, I so can relate to honesty in this statement, and it is the last three words that made me smile.

  I  wanted to share a quick dollar store craft I made for the store window this week after a rather unfortunate accident, the spillage of tea and some expired coffee beans...

The thing about tea is that it can be used for many things, especially if you accidentally spill a fair share of it on the floor when you drop the tea tin.... So instead of just writing off the spillage, I saved it and came up with a quick craft that gives new life to the lost leaves and for good balance, some old coffee beans that we used in the window display.

I went to the dollar store before work and found two jars about the size of cookie jars, they were $4 each. I also found two lovely little artificial succulent plants that came in  a jar of their own. When I got to the store my boss and I filled the jars with the beans and the loose tea, then placed the jar with the succulents in the center. We used some brown cord that was wrapped around the smaller jars on the lip of the larger jars and voila we made a pretty cool window display.  You could very easily use real plants, however for the sake of ease and the fact that this window sits behind display tables and is very difficult to access, artificial made the most sense.

In truth not one of the days this week went the way I thought or hoped and I am thrilled to be home, in bed and writing from my laptop.

Thank you for sticking with me through each post and for the support and love you have shown me this week just by being you.
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  1. Such a clever use for expired coffee beans and spilled tea leaves!