Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tea-a-storic Times call for Tea-a-storic Maeasures... A Roary The Tea Rex Story By Karen Margaret.

This is Roary The Tea Rex. Roary is feeling very isolated at the moment because things are not quite the same as they were a little while ago. A very serious virus called the Covid-19 Virus has all the grownups, kids, dinosaurs and unicorns very concerned. In order to keep as many people safe as possible, people are being asked to stay away from work, schools, daycare centers, their grandparents their friends and playgrounds.  Working together to stay home and keep people safe is the best thing people, unicorns and dinosaurs can do. Unless you are a first line worker like, hang on this is a long list....Grocery Store Superheros, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff, Janitors, Garbage/Recycling People, Post Office Workers, Pharmacists, Police, Fire and Ambulance Drivers and Paramedics as well as Bus Drivers,  Chefs and Delivery people, who are all doing the best they can to keep us all safe and well. 

Roary is keeping busy, but Roary is feeling a bit sad not seeing in person, friends and family. But Roary had a plan...
The weather is really nice in the back garden and the grown ups say as long as you stay in the garden you will protect yourself and your friends. So Roary had a plan to have a tea party. Roary set the table with a very spring like table cloth, got out the tea pot, two plates and two cups and saucers. Roary Placed the cups, plates and saucers on the table and the cream and sugar. A beautiful bouquet of flowers was just what the back garden tea party needed for a pop of color. Roary was getting very excited.

Roary filled each cup with the teapot, 

Placing one cup and saucer at each place... but something was still missing.

Roary was almost ready, but missing their best friend Frankie...
So Roary asked a grown up to Face Time Frankie, and the two friends enjoyed a nice visit and a lovely tea party, in the garden and still kept each other safe, neither friend felt lonely today.

Roary and Frankie would like you to know that if you liked this story, we would love you to share it with someone you love. 

Remember make a cup of tea and connect with someone you love and miss today. 
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