Tuesday, March 10, 2020

I am exhausted...

I am exhausted, bone tired and weary, not just because I am recovering from having Influenza A, but because of the constant state fear of the news and the covid 19 virus information and misinformation we keep getting.

I am lucky I live in Canada where I think the medical services have done an outstanding job thus far. We have had one death and yes it is in the community in which I live, and new cases are being reported every day but I feel like we are mostly safe. 

Then I get to work and I realize by the lack of traffic, and customers that fear is gripping our communities.

It is effecting every business, family and activity. Hourly I seem to check to see what is closed next, do I send the kids to school? Do we cancel plans for Spring Break? Is it safe to go to work, the grocery store, the mall.....

And then I realize, we have all been through this before, and that we are for the most part going to be okay, we can prepare for a tsunami that may never hit us, and earthquake that is going to reduce our civilization to ruins, nuclear war, world war three and corona virus, prepare is good, panic is not.
Wash your hands, put the kettle on, make a cup of tea, keep calm and carry on.

Its just my opinion, feel free to disagree, but other than going to work I don't mind staying home with a pot of tea and a really great book for the foreseeable future...
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