Thursday, March 5, 2020

Soul Care in the time of Covid-19...

Whatever is good for your soul do that....

The above is was what I wrote on my instagram image this morning and I tried to follow through with that as much as I could today. I am still on the mend from having Influenza A and like many of you, I am watching in horror as the Cov-19 Virus crisis unfolds, I try to not read every story I find on it, but it is like a train wreck and very hard to look away. I myself  was in need of Toilet Paper this week and went to Walmart, which I was shocked to find had six packages left in the entire store and they wanted $18.77 for it, now I don't know about you but I felt a bit of panic, quickly replaced by irritation as I realized that not only were people hoarding TP, but that felt a bit like price gauging to me.
I could not help but walk away, with out TP.
I did find some tonight and not a moment too soon, my regular brand and $5.97 (In the top right photo offered at the crazy price!) At London Drugs, and I made a decision not to go over board and bought what I needed, now I worry TP will be the currency we use going forward, I am not convinced I did the right thing by not hoarding the TP!
So in the interest of soul care and fun...I have a small obsession (though not hoarding) face masks and I really like this Unicorn one but my sister in law tells me it is terrifying, so tonight I tried a plain one....
 I think honestly this one is more terrifying looking but was much nicer feeling...
I am not sure how it is only Thursday, but I am doing what I can to find simple joy and happiness in my day, maybe it is my age but I often think back to the cartoons I would watch and when things got tough the characters would hang a sign that said "Gone Fishing" so I figured I would try that for my soul as well.
In these trying times, remember whatever is good for your soul do that.
Thanks for joining me for a cup of tea and some of myself care coping skills.
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