Friday, May 22, 2015

Buried By Buttercups A "Bonny" Botany Mystery.

I finished Buried by Buttercups by Joyce and Jim Lavene on Tuesday, I started it on Monday night and I read it quite by accident. Some how though it was the perfect book at the perfect time. It even matched my china!
I was actually going to read another Joyce and Jim Lavene book which was on my kindle app but only after looking at the cover photo in my morning tea photo did I realize it was not the book I thought it was. I was 4 chapters in and already hooked so I kept reading.
Did you know that butter cups were poisons?  I had no idea! I actually felt like I learned a lot by reading this book. My paternal grandmother loved the science of Botany, I imagine that the main Character Peggy and she would have gotten along famously.  This was my first Peggy Lee Mystery and I really enjoyed it. I am anxious to read another. The story is smooth and easy to read, easy to imagine and I think would make an amazing story line for a television show.

You can find Buried by Butter Cups in the Kindle App section of by clicking here.
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of tea, And a Cozy Botany Mystery. I look forward to sharing with you again soon.
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