Monday, May 25, 2015

A Quick Felt Tea Cozy Craft

Today I wanted to share a quick and easy felt tea cozy I put together last week for my new small tea pot.
Using items of felt I had on hand. I thought I would share this simple idea with you today.
To create your own you will need:
-Felt I used 4 sheets
-Sewing Machine and Thread
-Your Small teapot
-A Ruler
-A Side or Small Plate
-A Pencil

Step 1- Measure your tea pot's height and length. Next measure your dinner plate. Use your dinner plate as a guide for drawing your pattern on the back of the felt as shown, using the measurements you got from your tea pot.
Step 2-Cut out 4 pieces of felt as shown in the photos above.
Step 3- Using your sewing machine top stitch the felt alining the sides as you go, stitch from the bottom 6 inches. Repeat on all four sides.
Step 4- Place the cozy over the top of your tea pot and pinch the top side together and then stitch the top closed as shown in the photos above.

Your tea cozy will be lightweight and easy to use for summer. As it is not lined it will not keep your tea as hot but it will be functional for the short time it takes to drain your pot!
Thank you for joining me for for a quick tea craft and a cozy mystery.
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