Friday, May 29, 2015

Wild Strawberry Tea From Neverland Tea Salon. The Taste Of Carefree Childhood Summers

I picked up four new teas while I was at Vancouver's Neverland Tea Salon and one of those teas I wish to share and review with you today.
I am normally a black tea enthusiast and rarely find a green tea I feel is full enough flavored to peak my interest. This Wild Strawberry Green Tea however was a complete surprise. When I went for afternoon tea, Wild Strawberry was the tea of the day and while we waited to be seated I was offered a hot tea sample of this marvelous green tea.
One sip of this green tea and I was transported to those carefree summers of my childhood. You remember those hot summer days when the smell of fresh cut grass and the allure of strawberries growing in the back yard pot. This tea served hot tastes like that perfect strawberry warmed by the sun that you pick and pop in your mouth with out a second thought. With each sip the flavor intensified and had me reaching for more. When we were seated and I was asked which tea I wanted to start with I choose to have a pot of Wild Strawberry tea. It is so refreshing and holds it's flavor even when served cold. This is one of my most favorite green teas of all time.
This tea would pair nicely with dessert and is fantastic as an afternoon tea. Light, refreshing and the perfect taste of summer.
If you find yourself in Vancouver I highly recommend stopping by Neverland Tea Salon you can visit their website by clicking here.
Thank you for joining me for this amazing cup of tea.
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  1. It does sound like a refreshing and light flavor for summer. I am no where near Vancouver, but will endeavor to find a similar place closer to home! :)

    1. It is fantastic! If you can not get it near you let me know we can work something out!