Thursday, May 28, 2015

Teapots To Go? My Stylish Holiday Plan...

I will be traveling this summer and the thought of leaving home with out a proper teapot and tea cup for two weeks gives me heart palpitations. Likely the reason I don not camp. So I was looking for a way I could transport a small tea pot for our two week road trip this summer and came up with something that will serve a duel purpose and be super stylish at the same time!
I ordered two small handbags that will work as an evening bag for the wedding we are going to and will easily carry my small teapot for the trip. Try as I might, I don't love making tea in a mug and I don't love brewing it in my metal thermos either.
These little bags fit a small tea pot and one small 50 gram tin of tea easily. I may have to bring both and wrap a teacup an saucer up in the other for traveling purposes. These were a great deal and I ordered them on Ebay for just under $5.50 Canadian you can view them on line by clicking here.
I am thrilled with my order and I know these little bags are going to be the envy of my nieces.
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and my tea time find.

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