Saturday, May 9, 2015

On My Table And In My Cup This Week May 2nd-May 9th.

What a week it has been! My table has been a very busy place this week and my tea pots all filled with wonderful tastes I can not wait to share.
This past Sunday was my mother in law's birthday and we had a lovely dinner. Even though it was her birthday my brother in sister in law brought me a beautiful teapot for my birthday which they had missed the past week. They are now totally forgiven...
Monday was Starwars Day at my house. I made some Starwars Cookies for the boys for after school, I stole a few for myself too, they went perfectly with my tea.
Monday also brought me Some Like It Witchy, Heather Blake's latest book. I read the entire thing in a few hours, it is one of my most favorite series.
Terrie Farley Moran's Series graced my table this week in celebration of her Agatha Award at the Malice Conference this past weekend. Her book Well Read Then Dead won the award for Best First Novel. Her award was a teapot! I think that was so cool! I wish to offer her my congrats!
One of the teas I have been enjoying this week is one I found out about through my tea of the month club I was in through Steeped Tea. It is called Lemon Drop I swear it tastes like Lemon Lollypops! It contains Rooibos Tea, Calendula petals and lemon grass. This is a great tea to enjoy in the evenings as it is caffeine free, when your sweet tooth hits or even served over ice. You can find out more about ordering this tea by clicking here.

As to what I am reading this week, I am working my way through Lemon Pies and Little White Lies and truly enjoying each word! Look for my review early next week.
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea And A Cozy Mystery, I look forward to sharing more tea moments with you from my table soon. As with all my posts I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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