Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ghostly Paws By Leighann Dobbs Was A Ghostly Great Read!

I finished Ghostly Paws by Leighann Dobbs on Saturday night. There was so much to love about this first in series. The setting, the mystery and all the cats! I truly enjoyed that main character Willa was north of 40 and that her friend Pepper had a tea shop, and stopped by with tea. I could easily picture their relationship and felt like a friend on the couch visiting with them. There were some truly funny moments in this cozy as well as endearing. The mystery was a good one and I did not have it figured out until the murder was revealed. I think the name of the town Mystic Notch was a brilliant choice and the feral cat colony a lovely spin! I am so happy to have found and bought Ghostly Paws to read and review. I also love the cover! *Spoiler alert the ability to see the green mist was truly an exciting part of this book and I hope series in the books to come!

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  1. I have this one to read, I'll need to move it up on my TBR pile.