Monday, July 25, 2016

Much A Do About Muffin A Merry Muffin Mystery Review

Saturday night I finished Much Ado About Muffin. I so enjoyed it. This wonderful series is written by author Victoria Hamilton and has quickly become a favorite series of mine. Main character Merry has so many qualities that I admire and it has been such a pleasure to read about her journey of self discovery and the friendships she has made along the way. Merry inherited the Wynter Castle in Autumn Vale New York in book one and in Much Ado About Muffin we the struggle continues as to how she will keep and maintain this amazing gift. The theme of this series is about resiliency, family and the people you choose to surround yourself with. How they help you, how they hurt you and how you learn to grow from each experience. I really enjoy this series because I feel like the struggle is real for the main character Merry and that as she deals with each situation in the series she grows leaps and bounds. From book one to book four she goes through metamorphosis in a away that feels natural and very gritty and real. Along the way as she tries to find herself she also happens to find her self tangled up in mysteries. Unexpected friendships and fantastically developed characters await you in this series and some truly delightful recipes too! Much Ado About Muffin is a great read and is one of my most favorite books so far this summer. I think the cover is also outstanding! So much to see, I feel like each time I look at it I find something else that completely fits the story!
In this fresh mystery from the national bestselling author of "Death of an English Muffin," baker Merry Wynter comes to the aid of an innocent woman accused of murder. When muffin baker Merry Wynter sees an innocent woman accused of murder, it s dough or die... Opera singer Roma Toscano may have a crippling case of stage fright, but she certainly is stirring up drama in Autumn Vale, New York, as she prepares for an upcoming performance at Merry s Wynter Castle. With her flamboyant style and flirtatious personality, Roma attracts fans as well as critics, including the town s postmistress and Merry s bitter foe Minnie Urqhart. But Roma and Minnie s heated rivalry goes cold after Merry discovers Minnie dead at the post office. While every clue seems to be another ingredient in the investigation of Roma, Merry thinks the case is half-baked, and she s eager to get her mitts on the real killer..."

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