Thursday, July 7, 2016

I Was Completely Captivated By Take The Monkey and Run by Laura Morrigan

I often pick books to read by their covers alone and this one was one I took a chance on and I am so very glad I did. Take the Monkey and Run, by Laura Morrigan, which came out July 5th was one of the most fun mysteries I have ever read. I was blown away by how much fun, how great the mystery and characters were and how quickly I felt emotionally attached and involved I felt in this story. It was such an awesome read. I don't want to give it away at all, however I will say this, the diverse and rich characters, surprised and enchanted me in ways I had not anticipated! This book was so good that I am seriously considering purchasing the series for myself and ordering Take The Monkey and Run for a friend for Buy A Friend A Book Day on August 31st.
Grace Wilde is excited to head to New Orleans for her first “real” case as an animal telepath. She intends to help a woman find her missing sister, but when she attempts to communicate with her client’s cat, Coco, Grace gets distracted by the presence of a much wilder animal.
 Coco confirms that a mysterious monkey has been swinging around the Big Easy. Grace thinks she might be able to help corral the cheeky Capuchin in addition to solving her case. But things get complicated when she receives a cryptic warning that her client isn’t what she seems. Now it’s up to Grace to separate the truth from the monkey business...

Having this book on my table was one of the highlights of my week. Great mystery, characters and so much more. I was completely bewitched!
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  1. I enjoyed the first couple of books in the series and then I got behind. I'll have to catch up. Thanks, Karen.