Thursday, July 20, 2017

5 New Teas I found on my trip...

I was in Washington and Oregon over the weekend and I picked up 5 new to me teas. In Washington at the Cup and Kettle located at 819 Front Street Leavenworth Washington I picked up two lovely new teas, the first I have almost gone through the whole 2 ounces and that was the Cranberry Cream, tea, I am thrilled to know that this shop will ship as this is one I should have bought way more of!

You can call them at (509) 548-8327 to find out more but do if you live within driving distance stop in for sure. The second tea I picked up there was the Princess Grey which is a very floral Earl Grey that I loved the scent of.

I was thrilled on this latest trip to make it into the Stash Tea store on Mississippi. The store was beautiful and more than I had expected. I love their loose leaf tea line and picked up three new to me blends. I first selected The Portland Pride Blend. Love the new packaging and even though I don't normally like a white tea this one had a lovely scent and is a quite floral scented tea, I think it will be lovely chilled. I loved the Macaroon I got in store as well, it was the size of a hamberger...

I also picked up the Double Grey Portland Fog, though the temps were in the 90's when I was there it was hard to imagine Portland ever getting bad weather, it was the name first that caught my eye and the double dose of bergamot that sealed the deal. Thrilled to have picked this tea up which is perfect for the afternoon and to look forward to for the fall.

Their Mellow Moments Tea I also picked up in store, I have not seen this one in store locally and the name called to me. I am looking forward enjoying this one in the early evening. I feel so lucky to have been able to indulge in these shops this weekend. If you find yourself close to either of these stores do try to make it in! You won't be sorry!
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