Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You're Invited To A Summer Facebook Party For Maddie Hatter and the Gilded Gauge

Today I am very excited to invite you to a Summer Facebook Party For Maddie Hatter and the Gilded Gauge! This is the second book in the Maddie Hatter series and I am honored to co-host this event on Wednesday July 26th from 5-7pm with my business Beyond The Bookmarks.  

This two hour event will feature some fun interactive games, recipes, including a free pattern and tutorial for  a steampunk themed Tea Holster craft shown above, I just know you are going to want to make yourself!  Author Jayne Barnard has kindly agreed to do  two Q& A sessions as well.  We also have some great prizes to share. This party is in celebration of book two but I think you may want to know a bit about Maddie Hatter first!

So who is Maddie Hatter?  Miss Maddie Hatter, renegade daughter of a powerful Steamlord, is scraping a precarious living as a fashion reporter when the story of a lifetime falls into her lace-gloved hands.Baron Bodmin, an adventurer with more failed quests than fingernails, has vanished in circumstances that are odd even for him.While he is supposedly hunting the fabled Eye of Africa diamond in the Nubian desert, his expeditionary airship is found adrift off the coast of England. Maddie was the last reporter to see the potty peer alive. If she can locate the baron or the Eye of Africa, her career will be made.Outraged investors and false friends complicate her quest, and a fiendish figure lurks in the shadows, ready to snatch the prize . . . at any price.Mystery, adventure, danger, suspense, and more in a lively steampunk setting. 
You can read my review on the first book in the series Maddie Hatter and the Deadly Diamond by clicking here.

I would love for you to click here to find out more about this upcoming event ! 
We hope you will join us! 

Thank you for joining me here for a cup of tea and a Beyond The Bookmarks Facebook Event announcement. I hope to see you there!
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