Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ellie Alexander's Death On Tap

Ellie Alexander has a spectacular new series for us cozy mystery lovers and Death on Tap is a very binge worthy book! If like me you are going to read it on your ereader, make sure it is fully charged before starting as you are not going to want to put it down, and my battery ran out when I was 70% through the book, I was full of anguish waiting for it to recharge. From the first sentence I was sucked into this cozy and page after page falling deeply in love with this new book and what I hope will be a hugely successful series. Death on Tap is based on a real place called Leavenworth in Washington State. Earlier this summer my husband and I went there for the first time and the magic I felt walking in this Bavarian Town is perfectly replicated in the book! The town itself , in real live is charming, and a little slice of heaven set in a very picturesque part of Washington State, with architecture that  will make you think you have traveled to Europe. This small community is as much for tourists as it is for locals and very dedicated to making your experience in Leavenworth memorable. This same sentiment is felt strongly in this book.  Main character Sloan, was completely relatable, a resilient and strong woman in her 40's faced with making choices and dealing with all the trappings of a small town, confidence in herself, her family and a lack of confidence in her husband.  I love that she is a master brewer, having a job not typically found in the cozy world and that she is as passionate about her work as she is about family and the town she lives in. This book was so good that I wanted to pack my bags and head back on what for me is a 6 hour drive just to sit in the square and read Death on Tap, get some amazing fudge, pick up more of that cranberry tea I got while I was there and indulge in the the wonderful cuisine and comfort that Leavenworth offers both in person and in how Ellie Alexander shares in Death on Tap. 
I loved it, I ugly cried in parts and I did not want it to end. The only bad part for me reading this as an advanced reading copy is I have to wait impatiently for Ellie to write the next one, I can not wait to see what happens next and hope that this becomes a very long running series.  You must read this if you are a cozy lover, you won't be disappointed! This book comes out October 3rd!

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