Friday, September 15, 2017

Fancy Friday Finds- Witches Tea Party

If you are new to my blog, then you may not know that every year I for the last few years I have hosted a witches tea party. It is such a fun event and usually well attended in the summer. I was unfortunately too ill to host it in August so I am hosting it Saturday. The above photo is the one we took for fun!
The above is a collage of the last few years. This Saturday is at our new place and lots of new attendees this year I hope. This weeks Fancy Friday Finds are based on items I would love to include at my tea parties....

I collect sweet signs like these ones and I actually have them up all year, this is one saying I don't have and wish I did! This one is by I heart creations Ohana. Click here for shop and listing.
Growing up my mother had a kitchen witch and I always loved it, I wish I knew what happened to her, this is a much more glamorous witch for the kitchen i found in Elf Kendal Fairies Etsy Shop, you can find this and some other truly lovely creations in shop by clicking here

One day I will have one of these, I have longed for a Weather Vane for years and this is one of my Etsy favorites! Click here to check this one out in the Easy Metal Etsy Shop
I am so looking forward to tomorrow's party and I hope to oneday add these fun items to my party decor (and all year round decor also!)
I promise to share photos next week.
Thank you for joining me for this weeks Fancy Friday finds, Tomorrow I shall lift my teacup with friends and take a sip or two for you.

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