Thursday, September 7, 2017

Grave Mistake by Janice J. Richarson

I purchased Grave Mistake by Janice J. Richardson in August and finished it September 1st. I really love this series. Set in Canada, near Niagara Falls this is a beautiful series about a funeral home director that should not be missed. 
How on earth do you make a cozy mystery about someone who owns and operates a funeral home, making it warm, cozy and a book you can not put down you maybe thinking but Jance J. Richardson does just that. There is something so real, relatable and magnetic about this series! Book three did a great job of keeping up and building on the suspense of the last two and has me waiting on baited breath for book four. So glad I bought this book and series! 

Mistakes have consequences.Funeral Director Jennifer Spencer forgot to check the weather report. A tornado wrecked havoc at the cemetery where a burial was to take place. First mistake.An interior designer is murdered. Jennifer is determined to find the killer. Second mistake.Adding to the business of running two funeral homes comes an illness, a wedding and potentially the most grave mistake of all.Two mistakes too late.

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