Friday, September 22, 2017

Fancy Friday Finds, Looking Ahead To The Festive Season

I admit it once my annual Witches Tea is done my thoughts race to the holidays, even though I love Halloween (where I get to wear my Witch Hat in public and there is all that lovely little chocolate bars and kids to knock on my door to come), I can not help but turn my thoughts to Christmas. Helped by my equally excited sister in law on Vancouver Island who continually shares year round Holiday ideas with me, today's post is a nod to the upcoming Festive season.
I really would like a new Christmas Tree this year, I am not into cutting down trees it's not my thing and I love the look of this tree and its functionality. While I would love a dark brown or black tree that I saw last year at Canadian Tire (Trust me it looked spectacular) this one caught my attention as it comes pre lit, BUT It Self adjusts from 7ft tall to 10 feet tall!
Totally magical and very cool, just need a lotto win as this one is over $500!

On to some Etsy Finds and I really liked this Tea Towel that is offered by  ToasTeaJunction you can choose the color of the tea towel and weather you want it trimmed in plaid or not. Click here for shop and listing. 

Sharing this one but sorry to report, I had to buy it! So you won't find it in The Acreage Etsy Shop  but you should check this Canadian shop out has some amazing items...
but I did find you a cream and sugar to enjoy...I honestly can not wait for my teacup and saucer to arrive! Market Place Vintage 1 has these to love and enjoy (on my wish list now!) Click here for shop and listing. 

I really love this teacozy pattern. I wish I could make these, I can basic knit but would love to be able to turn these out, as a fan of Santa and Garden Gnomes these are on my project list for sure. You can find the pattern to purchase and instant download by clicking here from the mymamakints Etsy Shop.

I leave you here as I anxiously await the arrival of my Santa Teacup and saucer! You may think it is early but it always sneaks up on me! Thanksgiving in Canada is only two weeks away and then time speeds up even faster! October 31st I swear the Christmas music starts at the mall!
I hope you have a wonderful day and that you enjoyed today's Fancy Friday Finds.
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