Monday, October 23, 2017

Five Amigos Fall-O-Ween Fun Week 4

Week four in out Five Amigos Fall-O-ween Fun Halloween series and all the little chocolate bars I bought for Halloween have disappeared! Quite a mystery on my hands here at home, (though I may be a tad to blame for this problem) This week I will jump in with the first of thise weeks Double Double. ...
My choice this week is Kathy Aarons Behind Chocolate Bars. I loved the cover and the Chocolate Covered Mystery series is a good one! This is book number two I think in the series and a scarier than normal cozy, well for me anyway, but a good one!
The national bestselling author of Truffled to Death returns with a mystery full of tricks and treats... DOUBLE, DOUBLE-BOIL, AND TROUBLE... Best friends and business partners Michelle and Erica have a monstrous to-do list as they prepare for the annual West Riverdale Halloween Festival. Their shop, Chocolates and Chapters, will have a booth at the event, where Michelle will serve spooky delights while Erica displays an assortment of spine-chilling books. Thank goodness the teenagers from Erica's comic-book club are chipping in to help. But one of their volunteers winds up in trouble after a woman's body is found in an abandoned house--with the teen's superhero key ring close by. The teen swears he didn't do it, but he's obviously hiding something--leaving Michelle and Erica with a witch's cauldron of questions. Soon they discover that the dead woman was tricking a whole bunch of people out of more than just treats. Now these two friends must go door-to-door if they hope to unmask a killer... Includes Scrumptious Chocolate-Making Recipes!

Karen K has selected for you this week is Defending The Dead by Sheila Connolly. 
"This book in the series includes a historical time period that lends itself to Abby's unique gift. Descriptive and enthralling."
Abby Kimball has slowly accepted her recently discovered ability to see the dead, but none of the harmless sightings she’s experienced could have prepared her for the startling apparition of a centuries-old courtroom scene—where she locks eyes with a wicked and gleeful accuser. Thrown back more than three hundred years, Abby realizes she’s been plunged into a mystery that has fascinated people throughout American history: the Salem witch trials.

With her boyfriend Ned at her side, Abby digs into the history of the events, researching the people and possible causes of that terrible time and her own connection to them—all the while going more deeply into her connection to Ned, both extraordinary and romantic. 

As Abby witnesses more fragments from the events in Salem and struggles with the question of how such a nightmare could have come about, she’s suddenly confronted with a pressing personal question: Were one or more of her ancestors among the accused? Unraveling the puzzling clues behind that question just might give Abby and Ned the answer to a very modern mystery of their own.

Thank you Karen K, I have not read this one myself adding to my list....
Okay and now for what our Amigos have for you,
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Thank you for joining us for a cup of tea and this weeks cozy mystery selections!
We can not wait for next Monday!


  1. Thanks for the mention of Defending the Dead. It is so interesting that we are still talking about an incident that happened in 1692--probably because it's still kind of an "open case."

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    2. Very true. I've loved every book in the series. I cannot wait to read the next one!

  2. Sounds like two great books that I have to check out. Thanks for sharing your great post.

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