Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lethally Green by Amber Boffin

Over the Thanksgiving longweekend I read Lethally Green by Amber Boffin. This is a Canadian based Cozy mystery set in the beautiful Cottage Country of Ontario. I sat down and read Lethally Green on Saturday and did not get up until it was done. I really enjoyed the idea of this cozy. Like most cozies the main character has just had a major life change, returning to her small town roots main character Maggie has the means and the dream to take her life back from the hustle and the bustle of her once overworked life in England. After the sudden death of her parents, and selling her company, Maggie returns to the log cabin of her youth and begins renovating it, updating it and starting her own photography business from the ground up.  Maggie returns home to a mystery and when a local mayoral candidate is missing and later found dead on her property a naturally curious Maggie uses her scientific background to investigate what she suspects as murder on her property. I also really enjoyed the discovery of friendship Maggie finds in the tiny community and the ties to her long time best friend who lives in Toronto. This is a great Canadian cozy!

Why there? In Canada. It shouldn't happen in this peaceful village at a lake with its colourful and friendly inhabitants… Writer Amber Boffin drops Maggie Flanagan, her little terrier of an aspiring photographer and amateur sleuth back into her childhood village to dig out the truth for you.A chain of transformative events, culminating with her parents' death, spurs Maggie Flanagan to change her lifestyle. Maggie leaves her high-pressure job in the UK and moves back to her childhood home by a lake in the peaceful cottage country of Ontario in Canada as a photographer who develops her amateur sleuth skills. A photo wedding assignment introduces her to the diverse inhabitants of Foxton, a fictive village near Algonquin Park. Maggie's warm reception by the villagers, in particular Adam, a charming conservation officer, and the relaxing country lifestyle are spiced up by the mysterious disappearance of a local man...

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