Sunday, October 22, 2017

Maddie Hatter and The Timely Taffeta

I can not help but be overly excited to share with you my review of Book Three in the Maddie Hatter series. Maddie Hatter and The Timely Taffeta was every bit as good as the first two and even better! For me reading about Maddie's adventures is very exciting. Maddie is a young lady, a Steam Lord's daughter who is undercover as a fashion reporter, (with her eyes on serious journalism) in alternate Victorian times. She is an amazing character and role model for all readers. Maddie has chosen a life of adventure over privilege, she has a knack for finding herself in some very tricky situations. In giving up her privileged life in pursuit of a career that often leaves her, cold, wet and hungry but in the name of justice and investigative reporting Maddie more than muddles through, she excels. In this story Maddie is undercover as a young widow, helping a friend gain access to the exciting fashion world and into the company of the friends true love, all while helping to foil a kidnapping plan and protecting trade secrets for the crown. She has a clockwork Bird that is her trusted companion, espionage tools such as animatronic rats and spiders help which add to the excitement and make Maddie Hatter and The Timely Taffeta such a great read!   
Maddie Hatter’s third Adventure finds her in Venice on an all-expenses-paid assignment: report on the season’s most extravagant Carnevale costumes. Determined to land an inside scoop, she enlists the help of her half-Venetian friend, Lady Serephene, to penetrate Madame Frangetti’s Costume Atelier in disguise. 

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