Monday, October 30, 2017

Five Amigos Fall-O-ween Fun Week 5

Only one more day until Halloween and today is our last of the Fall-O-ween series.

Today Karen K and I have our final picks and we are fighting about today's post! (thought we both picked the same book to share, I will let Karen K take the lead on this one) Karen K and I both loved Vicki Vass' book Bloodline!
"An absolutely breathtaking, riveting book. I read it in one sitting as I could not put it down. The story connects with modern day and the Salem Witch Trials. Friendships, family, twists and turns. Buckle up and enjoy the journey!"

and now my two cents via video....

In the spirit of our Double Double I also share another book I loved this one by Heather Blake called Ghost of a Potion.  This is a fun book, great relationships and mystery as well as funny! A good balance of dark and light for a paranormal cozy and I bought the three books in the series and would read them again, over and over again easily!

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Don't worry about missing us Five Amigos next week we have a whole new series of Holiday Themed Cozy Picks to share with all of you...
Thank you for joining us for this series and we would all like to hear from you so please leave us comments on our pages even just to say Hello! Happy Halloween from Karen K and I!
Thank you for joining us for a cup of tea and Fall-O-ween Fun!