Friday, October 9, 2015

A Surprise Book From A Wonderful Friend And Two New Releases!

I have some really great friends and they are always surprising me. Yesterday in the mail I got The Big Chili by Julia Buckley  I can wait to give it a try! Love all the crock-pot's on the front and the dog too!
I also got really excited to see that you can pre order Joyce and Jim Lavene's Holiday Mystery out December 1st! Murder Fir Christmas! Click here to get a jump start on your holiday gifts to yourself! 
My Friend Lisa K posted about this book on her blog this week and I am so excited to see it as I did not know anything about it and now it is on my list of books to read! Merra Lester's Beelie to Murder sure looks intriguing, Love the look on the dogs face! Find out more about it by visiting Lisa's blog or by clicking here. 
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of tea and a cozy mystery today, I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at