Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Flowers For The Pot! Check Your Michael's Store They Are 70% Off!

I went to Michael's The Craft Store yesterday, and the fall flowers I love from Ashland, were on 70% off. I have had so many wonderful and welcome comments on the beautiful arrangements in my tea pots and I shared my secret earlier this year on where I find them so that you can also add some to your tea table.
These were priced at $12.99 Canadian and they were under $4.00 each bunch which is a great deal! I loved the colors of these and each season they come out with the same size bouquet's that fit in my white teapots. I love them, they photograph well and they are not expensive.
Also the little wooden cut outs were on sale as well this one was about 45 cents.
I was thrilled my pre ordered copy of Looking for Mr. Good Witch by Joyce and Jim Lavene arrived followed by Ghost of a Potion by Heather Blake, I ordered both of these months ago and while I read the Looking For Mr. Good Witch  on my Ipad already I am so thrilled to have it in paperback to go on my trophy shelf of books I have read. Heather Blake's book is high up on my TBR list and I am so enjoying What's A Witch To Do by Jennifer Harlow. 

I am off to read a bit now. I hope you enjoy your day! Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery and craft today. I would love to see your teapots so if you make your own teapot flower arrangements do send me a photo! Leave a comment here or email me at

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