Friday, October 23, 2015

Ghost Of A Potion, Heather Blake Writes Another Wonderful Cozy Story Perfect For Halloween

I finished Ghost Of A Potion with a sigh and the realization that I now have to wait like a year for the next one. Such a fun series. I also enjoy reading books at take place at the same time of year that it is in reality makes everything seem so much brighter and realistic!

This series is filled with outrageous characters such as Carly's Mother, her boy friend Dylan's Mother, not to mention Carly's Aunts the Odd Ducks, this story was even more intriguing with the idea that Carly and her Cousin Delia helping lost soles fulfill their last tasks so that they may cross over to the after life.  Carly is suffering from Spectraphobia in the beginning of the story and I was right there with her! However as it was such a key component of the story found myself warming to the idea. The way the story unfolded was a very big help.
Heather Blake writes with humor, passion and style. I am looking forward to seeing how Carly and Delia fair in their next adventure and I hope to see more of Carly's Aunts in the next Hitching Post Cozy Adventure.  To order your own copy of Ghost of a Potion please click here.
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