Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Eve Tea Morning Tea Party For One

Well it is Halloween Eve Morning and I am trying to have a tea party for one. I was up most of the night, between the cats and the excitement of wear your costume to school day, sleep has alluded me.
I started Pickin' Murder by Vicki Vass yesterday and am already enjoying it.

Here is a sneak peak to what my two younger kids are wearing to school today, I made both costumes and (am modeling them for you)and well, I did not take into account the monsoon weather we are having so I hope that the costumes make it all the way through school today and not act as giant sponges.
You may notice I made doll sized versions as well, these are for my paid doll writing work and they were actually an after thought. Oliver's M&M costume turned out so well I was really excited to see it in doll size too, my youngest Alex wanted to be a twister board and the spinner is his hat but I am not wearing it in the photo.
Good thing I am all of about 5 feet tall so should ever the need arise I can borrow either costume.
Don't worry though I will be sporting my regular hat tomorrow though for school today I have a slightly more fun facinator style.

Squirrel and I wish you a very Happy Halloween Eve and we are off to try to steal a moment to read between going to the grocery story for treats for the Trick Or Treator's and back to school for the Halloween Parade.
Enjoy your day. Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Halloween Sneak Peek today! I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. Wonderful Halloween tea party!! You really did a great job in arranging this party. Loved these costume ideas. Will also be organizing a similar tea party at one of New York venues. Will look for some great ideas for the day.