Tuesday, October 20, 2015

First Annual Witches Tea Party At My Place

Late last Spring I put out the invite to my friends near and far to join me this summer for a Witches Tea party. My goal was to recreate the Witches Tea Party shown in the Iconic photo on my invite and here below.
 I had an overwhelming response of wonderful friends, authors and new acquaintances who wanted to join and many of them live so far away but expressed their desire to attend the party in someway.
 I asked each of them for a photograph, some had hats of their own some I added hats too and the party by proxy became a reality.

I used Pic Monkey Soft-wear and I added hats to my friends who sent in photos with out hats, I love how it turned out it was as if we all belonged to the same "Coven" with our matching hats.

I then framed all the photos and used my fire place to make a focal point for the party, so that my friends from far could be part of the party.
I was beyond excited the day of the party, I had been making treats and tea and getting ready to host my local friends for our tea party when something rather unexpected happened. The Forces of Nature, invited themselves to tea. We had the most spectacular wind storm our area has ever seen.

Winds upwards of 90 kilometers per hour from the south hit the Lower Main Land of British Columbia,  where I live, causing 700,000 people to be with out power, some for up to three days. Do I know how to throw a party or what? I had just boiled a kettle of water for the tea when the power went out, The table cloth would not stay on the outdoor table but boy did we have fun! Shown in the photo above are some of my young witch guests who became the defenders of the cloth...table cloth that was, while we set up for our photos they sat on the table protecting our cloth from flying away.

I think in the bottom right (photo above) from the party you can see the stress of the lack of power and tea in my face. By the time the individual photos were taken it was pretty clear that the elements were taking their toll. I had so much fun though, despite everything that happened with the weather.

I have some really amazing friends and I have a very fantastic photographer and friend Karolina, of Karolina's Photography  who braved the elements to capture the beauty of the day as well. I love my framed photo from the tea party that now hangs on my wall. a reminder of how I put the call out and my friends came together in August, with the power and force of the elements to help me create the most fun photo story and themed tea party I had all summer.
I had such a fantastic time that I plan on doing this again next year and with all the photos we had done and all the photos of my friends near and far, next years party should be even more wonderful. I hope you will come next year too!

Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and My Witchy Tea Party.  To all my friends, bloggers, and authors who participated and joined in the online fun, came to the party and weathered the storm for you I am truly thankful


  1. Karen, you male my days more enjoyable with these wonderful posts! My absolute favorite (after the tea party) was your Flat Stanley project!

  2. Karen, you male my days more enjoyable with these wonderful posts! My absolute favorite (after the tea party) was your Flat Stanley project!

  3. This was such a fun idea, and your picture during the party shows a happy witch determined to meet any challenges! I wish we had all been there, but I'm looking forward to next year's party. I'm already planning my own witchy pic to add to the fun!