Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Dickens of A Murder by Joyce and Jim Lavene A Haunting Great Read!

I just finished A Dickens of A Murder by Joyce and Jim Lavene and it was wonderful. I do not know how Joyce and Jim are able but I am surprised and taken aback by the wonderful stories they tell. Truth be told it was bitter sweet to read this so soon after learning of Joyce's passing and yet I really felt her in the story and it made it all feel so much more real.
I laughed when while reading this book, I cried and I felt love and friendship through out this cozy. I love the idea of turning an old Victorian into a book shop, I love the idea of long lost love, amazing authors and true friendship. I also loved the many animals that belong to the Caterville Proprietors Lisa and Simon. I could picture each of them in the old Victorian and see their personalities with the wonderful descriptions that one comes to expect in a Joyce and Jim Lavene mystery. I loved that there are cross over characters from other fantastic stories that Joyce and Jim have written but I wont tell you who. I had a wonderful smile when I realized what was happening in the story and I was amazed at how naturally these characters flowed in this mystery. It is a very good mystery, a very touching cozy and one I am so thankful I got to read!
I was so very honored to have been sent this Advanced Reading Copy by Jim Lavene it was very well written, wonderful and witty. It is truly a haunting good read.
Thank you so much for joining me for a cup of tea and this cozy mystery review. I was enjoying Fortnum and Mason's Black Tea with Cranberry, perfect for a Thanksgiving themed cozy! 

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