Monday, October 5, 2015

The White Magic Five And Dime

I ordered The White Magic Five and Dime from The Book Depository a few weeks back after I did a Pinterest search for paranormal cozy mysteries.

 I loved the cover so much and it was as though it was calling me from computer screen and then the table and screaming that I should read it first! The story was intriguing and the main character was flawed and sarcastic as well as emotionally scared. It was a very interesting character and you really got to see how her mind worked and why she acted the way that she did. I really grew to like the character, flaws and all. The mystery was a bonus and the twists were unusual and believable.
Is it a true cozy or a paranormal? I am not quite sold on it as a cozy mystery or totally paranormal but I loved it just the same. It reads much differently from a traditional cozy, darker and tragic but in a good way. Though set in a small town it was anything but picturesque, most cozies I love I want to drop everything and move into town. Still there is something about this book and how from beginning to end it draws you in. I liked the mystery and the story it's self but it had a few elements I am not overly comfortable with in a true cozy, their is much less swearing, much less graphic back story but I will say this was a very good read and I would read another in this series for sure.
I found The White Magic Five and Dime on The Book Depository on sale and with free shipping for $11.48 US. It was money well spent!
Sometimes you gamble on a cover and score big time and sometimes you loose, I feel like this one was a winner!
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