Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Perfect Tea Party Game To Play With Your Young Ones

Yesterday I babysat 3 of my 7 nieces and I brought over a Tea Party Themed board game to play with Lb, Thea and PB, ages 7, 5 and 10 months.
My very clever niece Lb made her sisters and I tea from her skittles and a bit of warm water, tea party/science experiment aside it was actually pretty yummy and the skittles dissolved into a lovely rainbow tea.
 After tea we set out and played The Tea Party Game. A friend had purchased this second hand for me and I am delighted you can find it on Amazon.
The object of this little game is to collect all the things you need for a tea party the pretty cup and saucer, sugar and cream, plate and all the treats from the tea cart. I love that it comes with a fabric table cloth to play on and all the pieces are a high quality thick laminated cardboard. I loved playing this game.
We played several rounds and I never won sadly but the girls had fun! 
I think this game is the perfect game to play for tea party lovers of all ages. I am so glad my friend picked this up for me and it was a fun time had by all.
I am more then a few chapters into The White Magic Five and Dime and while I picked it because of its cover I am truly enjoying photographing it with my tea. I have had this white pumpkin tea pot for a few years a friend found it for me at Homesense (which is like your TJMaxx store in the USA) 
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