Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Murder By The Spoonful Is A Fantastic Read!

I just fished  Vicki Vass' An Antique Hunters Mystery Murder by the Spoonful. It was fantastic. I am so very grateful that  it was sent to me to review. I will be honest with you as you all know I often choose my books by their covers and I would not have picked this one up. A mistake would have been made on my part because this is very clearly one of the best cozy mysteries I have read this year. I admit freely that I am a cozy mystery cover snob. I like an illustration that includes a cat or dog or looks like a painting.
What this book lacked in the traditional cozy cover is certainly made up for it in the story. Two friends, both with wonderful and helpful pets, love interests that made sense and I hope stick around. Mysteries that made you want to not put the book down and a story that flowed seamlessly between the two main characters in each chapter. I was very impressed and delighted with this book and I hope you will be too. You can find Vicki Vass' Murder by the Spoonful with free shipping from The Book Depository by clicking here. 

Oh and if you are wondering where I ordered my Skull tea strainer from (which is perfect for mystery lovers and Halloween click here for Ebay and where I ordered mine from.  
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery, I look forward to sharing another book review with you soon!
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