Friday, October 16, 2015

Finished What's A Witch To Do?

I just finished What's A Witch To Do? By Jennifer Harlow, it was fantastic. But was it a cozy, it had mystery it had paranormal awesomeness, family, romance and it had sex and swearing. I am still not sure this is a traditional cozy, or if it deserves it's own category. I do know this though,  start to finish this book was spectacular. I love witch themed mysteries as you have likely figured out but I also enjoyed that this book was so much more then what I had imagined based on the cover alone.
The cover of this book is truly fitting does justice to the book. I can not say enough about how much the main story line impressed me, how rich it was, how much I felt for Mona the main character. She was totally relate-able. Like in most of the cozy mysteries I read there was a love triangle, murders, mystery and mayhem and yet it has so much more!
In my on going experiment of choosing books based on their covers I think I scored a 9/10 with this one and I recommend this book if you are not put off by the occasional swear word (okay more then occasional but less then you would hear on public transit), I ordered my copy of What's a Witch to Do? By Jennifer Harlow from the Book Depository as a Canadian Book Lover the free shipping made purchasing this book easy and cost effective!
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