Friday, October 2, 2015

Tea Spoons With A Purpose, Party Favor, Personal Treat or Just For Fun

If I could have no monetary restrictions and my life and time were solely to do as I pleased I would own the most amazing tea room, gift shop and book store.

When I get stolen moments (that I make for myself)  I sometimes look for items I would stock in my store and tea room and today I thought I would share an item I would use for sure and with great pride and delight. I may even order a box or two of these as gifts from
These  teaspoons dissolve in your cup and are made with honey and natural flavors how cute are they?
You can pick up package of 8 or 50!
The assorted flavored teaspoons are likely the best value but I can not help but want to buy a bucket of each flavor!
I found these wonderful little spoons while on the website while looking at the little butter spreaders and the tea spoons. I found this site by happy accident and have been spending time dreaming on this website and just had to share.
Now if the Canadian Dollar would improve I could add these to my tea party favor repertoire!
If you have no monetary restrictions and share my love of all things tea pop over and check out to see what I mean! 

Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea, some tea party favors and a few cozy mysteries that recently arrived at my door and I am now tasked with choosing from...  
I hope you enjoy your day! I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. I agree, I too would love to have a tea room. I am going to check out your cozies and tea spoons.

    1. Thank you Pat, lovely to have you here. I wish I did sell these things. I do love the cozies and I really want these spoons! I hope you will like what you find!