Sunday, February 9, 2020

Getting Mad At Your Hair Is A Whole Different Kind of Angry...

Happy Sunday, I have heard Sundays should be for self care and so I make today's vanity post about the self care needed to tame my crazy locks. Have you ever heard that saying a woman's hair is her crowning glory? Well mine is decidedly no crown, heck not even a tiara...
Most days I wake up with my hair having a dimension of its own, something happens to the volume of my hair when I sleep, I was especially proud of this look, thinking I looked an awful lot like that British guy Harry Styles,  when I woke up. Truth be told this is one of my better hair mornings.
My before "tea hairstyles" leave a lot to be desired...but I can laugh at myself because getting mad at my hair is a whole different kind of Angry! I started to go grey in my mid teens. I refuse to let the glitter highlights take over. For years I box dyed my hair, almost every ten days. Last year a customer came in my shop and he said to me you are to young to have hair like that. I had gone just a few days over my regular 10 day re-dye regiment, but who could blame me, my dad was dying and I was not really focused on anything else. Each day I got up went to the hospital, went to work, went back to the hospital, until the day we went to the hospice and then well I guess I found more time to be angry at my hair.
That customer who told me I was far to young to have hair like that happened to be a hair stylist who slipped me his card and after I explained my situation he said, call me when you are ready and I will do it for free. The day after my dad died, several weeks later, I took the card out and called him. It was one of the best things I could have done for myself.  He did more than dye my hair and cover my grays, more than shape my neglected dry hair, he gave it life back, he gave it bounce and I have been going back to him regularly since March 4th of last year. A few weeks ago I let him add highlights to my hair, what a difference that made, even hid the fact that my "grey hair glitter highlights" still come back about 10 days later, just now you cant tell that easy.
I think we all have a love hate relationship with our hair at some point, I can never get it to behave like it does for my hair stylist, Rassan/Alan does a brilliant job and has helped me maintain a level of hair self care I had not  even imagined possible.
Don't worry though I still wake up with a whole lot of Angry Hair!  Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and Self Care Sunday post about hair. I would love to hear what you think, so leave a comment below or email me at

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