Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Secret Garden Tea Room In Vancouver, BC

This past Sunday a friend and I went for High Tea at the Secret Garden Tea Room in Vancouver, BC. I have been here four times and this Sunday was particularly busy and very loud. Despite how loud I found the tea room, I loved the presentation and the food items offered. The service was also really lovely.
I had the Secret Garden Tea, which was a lovely and light fruity, vanilla black tea and it paired well with what we ordered. The Egg pinwheels are always a favorite of mine, simple, classic and clean. Lovely! The Chicken Croissant was very good and the croissant was almost as good as the one I had in England. The Mexican Beef Tartlet was served cold and while very flavorful, not at all what I had expected for a high tea flavor, much stronger than the other three sandwich offerings.
The scones were picture perfect and divine! House made raspberry jam and the Devonshire cream, perfection!
The treats on the top tier a chocolate pie, an apricot pie, with icing, and the lemon tart were the perfect sweets to finish this three tiered tray. I think the lemon tart was my favorite but that Chocolate was hard to beat!
Our table had sugar cubes in a chipped cup and saucer, which looked lovely, but I hated to see such a pretty set with this chip! I still prefer a sugar bowl.
All in all it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Check out Secret Garden Tea Room on their website by clicking here. 
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